Yovich & Co. Market Update - 23 July 2019

Jul 24, 2019 | Commentary

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In summary, the NZX50 had 15 companies on the downside, 28 companies were on the upside and 7 unchanged. The NZX50G reached a record high at 10783.18 on Friday with turnover just over $97m. The NZD/AUD dollar has been appreciating since April as the Reserve Bank of Australia has been lowering interest rates, this is driving up the demand for NZ currency. It could be a good time to think about investing in Australian assets as the exchange rate is at a three month low.

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Is a mobile engagement software company, where global brands use the Company’s products to engage consumers on mobile devices and drive them to a store with personalised offers, such as mobile order, pay and loyalty discounts. Plexure has signed a deal with US fast-food burger chain White Castle. White Castle boasts almost 400 restaurants located across 13 states. For the full year ended 31 March 2019, Plexure’s revenue grew 44% to NZD$16.9m, and it now has more than 128 million users globally on its platform in over 54 countries. Current share price: $1.05.

Z Energy

Announced in its first quarter update that FY20 earnings guidance for EBITDAF to be in the range of $450 -$490 million, and a dividend of between $0.48 -$0.54 cents per share. This provides a yield of between 7.52% and 8.46% at Current share price: $6.44, PE Ratio: 14.


Published a clinical trial this month in the Journal of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (JPGN). The trial has reported strong evidence that A1 beta-casein relative to A2 beta-casein has negative effects on both digestion and cognitive performance. This is great news for a2Milk as it gives credible evidence of the scientific value of a2Milk and quietens those who argued that a2Milk is just a marketing gimmick. Current share price: $17.43, PE Ratio: 51.04.

Sheffield Resources

Has secured additional binding offtake volume (Agreement) for the future sale of zircon concentrate from its Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project in Western Australia. The Agreement is with Hainan Wensheng High-Tech Materials Company Limited. Sheffield has now secured offtake for 100% of all Stage 1 zircon and ilmenite production volumes at Thunderbird, this significantly reduces market and revenue risk. Current share price: $0.62.

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