Rajat Vats.

  • Financial Advisor
  • Wealth Manager

Rajat is a dedicated financial professional with a passion for investments and markets. His expertise, combined with a wealth of academic achievements, experience and enthusiasm for connecting with people ensures personalised financial advice. 

Rajat Vats

Rajat is a qualified financial advisor with a robust background in finance, he has demonstrated excellence across a spectrum of roles, including middle office operations and custodial services within the financial market. His expertise spans from the meticulous management of financial instruments to providing strategic advisory support.

With a wealth of academic accomplishments, Rajat holds an MBA in finance and business economics, a PgDip in applied finance, and a BBA. His academic achievements are complemented by practical experience, making him a well-rounded expert in his field. Rajat is not only deeply committed to his profession in investments and financial markets but also enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, and socialising with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Rajat's passion for connecting with people and his dedication to staying updated on industry trends and regulations ensure that he offers optimal solutions on investments and portfolio management to his clients.

Investment Insights.

By Rajat Vats

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